Personal Progression!

Greetings everyone!

As you already know, before some time we started to work on our new, Custom Realm.

It was pretty hard to complete everything, but we did it! Realm is finally Online!

Progress trough each Dungeon or Raid to unlock next one!

All Arena Seasons are available from start, with changed Rating requirements!

Server is online!

Fully Open and Progressive!

After few months of hard work, we were able to fully re-script and sort almost every issue that was upon us.

All zones, from lower up to higher levels are updated as well.

Currently we are working on new Heirloom Set and Dungeon / Raid requirements.

More news coming soon!

Stay tuned!

Contribute Today!

Due to fresh and new Realm, we have decided to re-script custom systems.

Beside old systems, there will be few more towards new requirements and heirlooms.

We still don't have all information about this, but will post as soon as we can.

Reminder: With Premium, players were able to morph and summon general vendors to sell grey items and repair.

Feel free to join us on Discord and discuss about this!

Latest Changelogs

Progression System

Latest Developers Updates

Frozen Nexus - Online!
Release date: Januar 15th.
Custom Personal Progressive Realm!
Check our Blog news to read more!

Knindza, Project Founder

Website updates!
Due to new Custom Realm, some systems have been removed.
Store is not updated at the moment.
We also working on new Voting center.
Feel free to join us on Discord, Facebook and Twitter!

Knindza, Project Founder

Signature Creator completed!