Shadowburn World of Warcraft

Testers Required

We are looking for experienced players to assist our developers with the PvE aspects of the game, to maintain the quality standard we have set ourselves. Below will be a short overview; also below will be what we expect our Testers to be experienced in. Before we release it for open beta, we wish to make sure that raid mechanics are where they should be.

Escort Quest

Movement maps for Escort and Event Quests are fully re-writen and enabled! We wanted to give our players something different... Unique blizzlike experience in every aspect of the game, not only PvE and or PvP wise. It was really hard one to archive but after few months of hard working we finally did it. We will give our best for everyone to enjoy on Shadowburn!

Latest Community News

Latest Developers Updates

Twilight's Hammer is online!
Our first realm is finally online!
Blizzlike rates (1x) with some modifications!
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Knindza, Project Founder

Website updates!
Talent calculator is finally completed! Navigate to Tools menu to check it!
Few minor issues fixed in Account Manager.
In next few days, forums will be open again.
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Knindza, Project Founder

Signature Creator completed!
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Portal master enabled!

Portal Master is a teleporter NPC. It has 130+ teleports including all zones in wow. The teleports are categorized and you can only see your own faction teleports. All teleports have the zone’s level requirement. This means that you can not teleport anywhere when at a lower level. The teleporter is spawned by default in every main city at the location of teleportation.