How to connect!

Welcome to Shadowburn!

In order to play on our server, you need Wrath of the Lich King expansion 3.3.5a patch.

Beside Lich King expansion and 3.3.5a patch, you will need to download Shadowburn Patch 1.1 and WoW.exe file.

Patch and WoW.exe are required if you want to play in our Custom Battleground, if not, you are not required to download those.

Download patch 1.1 here!

Download our WoW.exe here!

Once you download our files, you will need to move them into:
Patch.S file to - YourInstallFolder/Data/ folder. (Example C:Games/WoW/Data/)
WoW.exe file to - YourInstall Folder. (Example: C:Games/WoW/)

After, if you decide and want to play on another server, just move our Patch.S file to any other folder, desktop or simply delete it. (Move to any other folder except World of Warcraft installation folder.)

To create an in-game account - Navigate to Sign up.
To connect to our realm - Edit your realmlist with notepad or wordpad.
To find file - Go to your install game folder and then navigate to:
YourInstallFolder/Data/enUS or enGB/ - Here you will find file.
Copy text bellow and replace it inside - Save and close.
Now you can login and start your adventure!

If you need clean, full Game Client, you can download Torrent here.
To download our Torrent link, you need to install uTorrent or Bit Torrent application.

After download, just change your Realmlist and you're ready to go!
Login with your in-game account and yet again, start your adventure on Shadowburn!

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