Shadowburn Donation Center

  • Blade of the Scarlet Highlord!

  • Ashbringer Art Transmog!

  • Bonus Lucky Pet!

  • Blade from Lich King itself!

  • Frostmourne Art Transmog!

  • Bonus Lucky Pet!

  • Blade of Mighty Varian Wrynn!

  • Shalamayne Art Transmog!

  • Bonus Lucky Pet!

Donation Information

All menu items are subject to change monthly according to seasonality and availability. Having said that, You are able to subscribe for new item from store monthly or via single purchase.

After purchase, make sure to send private message about your donation to Knindza on Discord!
There is a lot of people that trying to 'scam' trough donations and we will not accept any donation untill it's fully checked and reviewed by our customer support team!