Realm Updates!

Twilight's Hammer Updated!

We have completed some of our custom modules to give our players something interesting while in-game.

Premium Module - Premium account with few unique features, like spawning your trainer, bank, auctioneer or level 60 mount. Also include few morph options.
Transmog Module - You are able to transmog your gear to desired and obtained items or sets.
Portal Module - Teleporter NPC with all zones in-game which have level requirements to be used. Spawned in capital cities and Premium isle.
Duel Module - Health, Mana & Cooldowns now reset after each duel.
Mount Module - Mounts are shared across whole account (Still separated for Horde & Alliance as supposed)
Congrats Module - On every 10th level (Starting from level 20) unique TCG rewards - All the way up to level 80.
Title Module - PvP Tittles from Vanilla enabled and working as supposed.

We also made few in-game changes.

Instant logout for all players.
Anti cheat re-written and enabled.
In-game email reduced to 1 minute.
All players will have unlocked flight paths.
Removed cooldown on Hearthstone due to Premium account bind.
Experience level requirements for each level lowered - Example: On Retail, level 50 require 50k xp - We reduced to 30k!

More updates coming soon - Stay tuned!
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