Realm Updates!

Frozen Nexus Updated!

We have completed some of our custom modifications to give our players something interesting while in-game.

Premium - Premium account with few unique features, like spawning your trainer, auctioneer or level 60 mount.
Transmog - You are able to transmog your gear to desired and obtained items or sets.
Portals - Teleportation to all zones in-game which have level requirements to be used. Spawned in Capital cities.
Duels - Health, Mana & Cooldowns now reset after each duel.
Crossfaction - Crossfaction grouping, trading and much more!
Spectate - Spectate anyone with simple command.
Titles - PvP Tittles from Vanilla enabled and working as supposed.

Slavery Valley - Custom Patch and WoW.exe is required to play in Battleground.
Battle for Azshara - Will be released later on.
Wrath of Medivh - Will be released later on.
Stormwind Vault - Will be released later on.

Realm Rates:

Experience level requirements reduced by 27%/38%/49%.
Uncomon and Rare drops increased by 2x.
Kill and Quest reputation gain increased by 2x.
Profession skill chance increased by 5%/7.5%/15%.

Minor in-game changes:

Anti cheat re-written and enabled.
In-game email reduced to 1 minute, down from 60.
All players will have unlocked flight paths.
While in Duel, players will be phased.
To create Guild, you will need only 3 signatures now, down from 10.
Auctioneers spawned in Dalaran, so players don't need to go back to Capital cities.

Chat changes:

Level 5 is required to whisper any player online.
Level 5 is required to trade with other players.
Level 5 is required to use Auction House.
Level 5 is required to use mailbox.

Beside those, LFG channel will work everywhere, not only in major cities.
We added small Faction Icons towards LFG channel.

More updates coming soon - Stay tuned!
Feel free to join us on Discord and Forums!