Guild Transfers!

Guild Transfers - Promo!

From May 26, Promo for Guild Transfers!

Guild House - For Guilds that transfer 10+ members we will make an Guild House!
Premium Account - All players of transfered Guild will get Lifetime Premium!
Item Level - Template of 190 ilvl - Ready for Dungeons and Battlegrounds!
Professions - Each player will get 2 Main and 3 Secondary Professions!
Guild Vault - Each player will get 15k for Transfer and Leader will get an extra 10k for Guild Vault!
Spectral Tiger - Transfered members will get an Free Spectral Tiger Mount!

There are no specific requirements to be eligible, but few of them are there just in case:

Guilds have to be active - Inactive Guilds will lose their Guild House.
Leaders of Guild(s) have to take full responsibility for their Guild members.

If interested, check link bellow and submit your request on our Forums.
If you have any questions, feel free to send message to Knindza on Discord or Forums.

Single Character Tranfsers are also available, please submit your request on our Forums.