Going Public!

Almost there!

We have completed our zone fixing spree and managed to resolve creature AI and behaviour in pretty much all zones considering almost all reports from our helpers. All Northrend zones received additional fixes and updates. We are now at a point where we will shift focus to other areas and consider AI polished - for the moment. Hallow's End also received quite a bit of attention last month. We are now working on preparing for future world events.

High amount of fixes towards raids, especially Naxxramasl, as well as new focus on Wrath of the Lich King dungeons, starting with Drak'Tharon Keep and Utgarde Keep. We will continue to go through each dungeon to rework and polish it as we see fit. Spells and PvP issues have also been a focus this month, including several arena and battleground related issues. In addition to that, we have introduced several new anticheat protection measures to further prevent any abuse or unfair behaviour.

We will continue to make a lot of progress on old content raids and dungeons, ranging from early vanilla dungeons to end game Burning Crusade raids. While most of our progress has been on PvE, we have also kept improving combat and spell mechanics in general as well as implementing specific, unique features such as the leeway mechanics and spell batch delay. Creature movement has also seen a big polish with new systems the likes of creature fanning being introduced and fully implemented.

Having said that, we expecting our Realm to be online on May 5th!