Realm Promo!

Twilight's Hammer Promo Update!

After few days of thinking, we decided to make few changes to our main Realm.

Free Heirloom Items - Since we are pretty new server, we dediced to add Heirloom vendor to every starting zone.
Main goal is to increase population of the Realm and make leveling a bit easier.

Level Requirements - As we already said, level requirements are lowered for each level.
Combination with Free Heirlooms will make it even faster!

Start Portals - In next few days we will add Portals towards near cities.
Players can turn start quests a bit easier and will be able to learn professions so they can level them during further questing.

Premium Account - Cooldown on Hearthstone is removed which will fix issue with Premium Account use.
Tho, when you summon your Trainer, Auctioneer or etc you will have to wait 1 minute before next command.
Free lifetime Premium is now added to players who recruit their friends to join Shadowburn!

More updates coming soon - Stay tuned!
Feel free to join us on Discord and Forums!

Character and Guild transfers are now available! Submit your request on our Forums!