Introducing Flex Mode!

Flex Mode is now enabled!

At start, i wanna thank whole community for brining this idea to the 'table'.

As you already know, Flex system on Blizz scaling numbers of players towards creature health.

We decided to take one more step in our Flex system.
Creature level will now scale with the highest level from one member of your party.
In other words, if you go to Deadmines as level 80 to boost or help someone, creatures will be level 80 as well.

Reason why we enabled this is because we wanted to make it a little better, so scaling for experience will be like real boost.
Cause, let's face it, none don't wanna level up without boost or help from others.

Having said that, here's the full list of features for our Flex system:

Level - Creatures will take highest level from Party member. (In case of boosting)
Damage - Damage will be lowered, which depends on Group size.
Health - Health will perfectly scale, even if there's higher level within Party.
Loot - There's no changes to loot tables.

More updates coming soon - Stay tuned!
Feel free to join us on Discord and Forums!