In-game Feature!

Guide to Premium Account!

There are few unique in-game features on our Frozen Nexus Realm.

We will try to explain how to use them in few easy steps!

Premium Account - To gain full access to our Premium system, you have to submit request for free one on our forums (If you are eligible) or to donate for it.
We have made an item which will allow our players to use Premium Options much easier!

Step 1: Every player is able to get Book of Powers, which will give you free Teleport to Dalaran, with no cooldown - That's just basic, which will work even for non-premium members.

Step 2: How to use Book of Powers once you have Premium Account:
In simple basics, you click on item (Or move to cast bar) and start casting - After one second (If you don't wanna teleport to Dalaran) simply move or jump - Menu will appear and you will be able to use it.

Mount option work from level 1, which will help a lot for leveling! Everything except Trainer and Auctioneer don't have cooldown - If you summon those, you will have to wait 1 minute to use it again.

More features coming soon - Stay tuned!