Crossfaction is ready!

Crossfaction Updates!

At Realm launch, Crossfaction will be enabled with following options:

Grouping - Alliance and Horde are able to be in same Group for any Dungeon or Raid.
Trade - You are able to trade between factions.
Auction - You are able to see Auction House from both factions.
Mail - In-game email works between both factions.
Chat - Normal chat between factions is available.
Channel Chat - As for normal chat, you are able to use world channel as well.

After few weeks, we updated website as well.

Security for loging is now improved.
Social links added to top bar.
How to connect and where to download client added.
Control Panel updated with more features.
Donation store is completed.
Added few more Vote sites - If not issue, we ask all players to help us with voting.

More updates coming soon - Stay tuned!
Feel free to join us on Discord and Forums!

Character and Guild transfers coming soon!