Custom Features!

Frozen Nexus - List of Custom Features!

Lowered Rates - Rates are 1x, but requirements for each level are reduced by 29%, 40% and 51%.
Unique Drops - Same as experiance, we increased uncommon, common and rare drops by 7%, 14% and 21%.
Profession System - Chance to obtain new skill is always increased, even on gray by 5%, 7.5% and 15%.
Gold and Reputation - Are also increased by 2% on default which will help a lot towards farming.
Heirloom Items - Since we are pretty new server, we dediced to add Heirloom vendor to every starting zone.

Flex Mode - Unique system on Shadowburn that will scale down Dungeons and Raids to number of players inside. Dungeons can be completed with minimum of 3 players and Raids minimum of 8. When it comes to old content, players can solo (Tricky but doable) dungeons and even raids when a bit higher level.

Crossfaction - Players are able to chat and group between factions. Grouping helped a lot towards raids and LFG queue. Also, there's small faction icon in world chat towards this as well.

Battleground Marks - We decided to bring them back. As before, after each Battleground win, players will earn 3 Marks, that will help a little towards honor.

Battleground Tittles - Same as for Marks, we decided to bring them back. It will work same as before, so once you have enough Honorable kills, tittle will appear.

1v1 Arena - Is enabled instead 5v5 Queues. We decided to enable this, so players can test their self in Arena alone. Do note that every 1v1 fight is loged = Wintrade is not allowed and players will lose their obtaint Items and or Tittles.

Arena Spectate - Players are able to spectate any player inside Arena. With simple command, for example .spec spectate Knindza you will get inside and see everything, while hidden to players inside.

Slavery Valley - Custom and unique Battleground on Shadowburn. It require our custom patch and WoW.exe files to be downloaded before you can enter it. It's 10v10 Battleground, where goal is to gather 80 points before other team. Can be done with capturing bases or killing enemy Boss.

Battle of Azshara - Is our custom Warfront. It's not available yet tho. It will provide extra profession resources and some unique vanity items while doing Daily and Weekly quests on the isle. More information will be on forums soon enough.

Wrath of Medivh - One of our custom Dungeons, and will be available in next few weeks. Same as Warfront, players will have chance to obtain some unique vanity items.

Stormwind Vault - Second custom Dungeon, which will be available in few months. Same as in previous one, players will have chance to obtain unique vanity items.

South Seas - Is our custom Isle Expedition. Players will have change to fight for their Faction with chance to obtain some unique vanity items. Release date is currently unknown.

Premium Account - Once purchased, players will unlock full potential of Book of Powers. It will allow them to spawn Trainer, Bank, Auction House and to use mount from level 1. All players can buy free Book of Powers on Premium Isle, which gives free teleport to Dalaran (No Cooldown)

Transmogrification - Players are able to Transmog their items to obtained items or sets. We also made few unique Transmog weapons which can be found in our store.

Teleporter - Will allow players to teleport to any Zone, Dungeon or Raid. Each location have level requirements to be seen on the list tho. NPC can be found in any capital city.

Auctioneers - We added extra Auctioneers in Dalaran so players don't need to run back to other cities. Idea came from community and it's really nice one.

Spoils Vendor - Can be found in Dalaran. Players ara available to buy satchels for each expansion which will contain profession materials. It will help a lot towards it and also towards Auction House.

Darkmoon Cards - Players can obtain Random card from Frozo in Dalaran. 1 random Card = 1 Frozen Orb. This will also help towards Daily LFG quests.

Dueling - After duel, players will have their health and mana back. Beside those, cooldowns will reset as well. To make this a bit more interesting, we decided to phase players in duel so none can see them.

Create Guild - To create Guild, you will need only 3 character signatures. Waiting for trying to find 10 will take some time, and that's the main reason why we reduced.

In-game Email - Delivery system is reduced to 1 minute only. There's no reason to wait whole day when someone send you something, right?!?

Chat Changes - We decided to enable level requirements to chat to prevent spam from bots or etc. At the moment, you have to be level 5 to whisper or use any other channel.

Extra Restrictions - Same as for chat, players need to be level 5 Trade. Beside this one, you also need to be level 5 to use Auction House and Mailbox.

Feel free to share your Suggestions and Ideas on our Discord!