Slavery Valley Event!

Battleground Event - June 22th!

Tonight, around 20:00 ST, there will be Battleground Event:

Slavery Valley - Players are required to download our patch and exe files.

Grouping - Crossfaction is enabled, so we will try to separate Teams.
Queue - Requirements will be lowered to 5 players per Team.

Goal - Reach 80 points before other Team.
Protect - Protect bases for more buffs.
Kill - Defeat enemy spawned Boss.

Rewards - Read more about rewards bellow:

Both teams will earn reward, no matter what result is.

Spectral Tiger Mount will be added to top damage dealer and healer.
Spectral Tiger Pet will be added to all event members.

Top player - Man of the Match will earn extra tittle.

Check How to Connect page if you need Download Links.

More events coming soon - Stay tuned!
Feel free to join us on Discord and Forums!