Friendly Staff

Our staff will assist you with whatever your issue might be.

Server Stability

We offer the best stability of our services for our community.

Balanced Content

We do our best to deliver the most balanced content on our project.

Project Features

Custom Events

Get bored? We have some events too keep you and your friends busy.

Level Faster

Hate leveling? Level up faster during the weekends.

Recruit a Friend

Got a friend? Invite them for some awesome rewards you both can get.

Character Transfers

Want to move your character from another server? No problem, we got your back.

Self Character Services

Need a service? No problem, everything is done from ingame.

About Our Project

Our project is built on one of the best emulators of 2018 and provides the best stability out there. We continue too develop our project proudly and improve our work as the days go on. Our goal is too offer the best developed game play that no one else can provide.

Over the years, the project has grown in development from a small private project too something that we all can love and enjoy. The current source our server runs on has been in development for 8 years and counting. Our achievement of this project came from years of development and not months. What sets us apart from other servers, is the time we take on doing it right the first time.

If you want too see the difference in development from others, come check us out in our Close Beta Test and see for yourself.

Open Beta Begins