Shadowburn World of Warcraft

July 29!

Greetings everyone!

As you already know, before some time we started to work on our new, Frozen Nexus Realm.

It was pretty hard to complete everything, but we did it! Server will be online at July 29!

You are able to create account even now, but Realm will be locked until 00:01 Paris time! (18:01 New York, 01:01 Moscow).

Feel free to join our Discord and chat with others!

Full Blizzlike!

Our rates are full Blizzlike (1x) and there's nothing custom at all.

Store wise, we will offer only Vanity Items, Pets and Mounts. This can be changed later on.
If you have any problem or you have found a bug, please report it to our Forums at once!

At the moment, progression wise, release date of next Dungeons and Raids is unknown.
We will keep working every day on our new Realm, to give our players best possible gaming experience!

We are Recruiting

Due to fresh and new Realm, we are looking for Staff Assistants, to provide help to our members.

Keep in mind when applying that being a part of the staff is not all fun and games.

It requires hard work, dedication, and attendance to regular staff meetings is mandatory.

Ticket (In-game) and Live (Website) support are most important communication methods and responsibilities for any Staff Assistant.
Check link bellow and make your application, today!

Latest Community News

Latest Developers Updates

Frozen Nexus - Coming August 1st!
We hope you will enjoy our new Progressive Realm!
Blizzlike rates (1x) with no modifications!
Check our Blog news to read more!

Knindza, Project Founder

Website updates!
Due to new Progressive Realm, we will update our Website as well!
Store should be updated in next few days.
We also working on new Voting center.
Feel free to join us on Discord, Facebook and Twitter!

Knindza, Project Founder

Signature Creator completed!

Final updates!

Almost there!
We are working on our final updates toward dungeons before we go public.
All encounters have been fully re-scripted to give unique Blizzlike experience.
As always, for more info check join us on Discord!